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Last update on 28.12.2021

How to donate to the Estonian Jewish Museum

1. By bank Credit card (3 options)

1.1. To use this website (NB! For donation of exact amount, for example, for genealogy research 50 euros, you should add to your amount at least 5% in order to cover operational fees on this website)*:

1.2. There is a payment terminal in the Museum.

2. Cash - in the Museum to the donations box.

3. Through bank transfer from your account to the museum account:

Within Estonia:

Account IBAN EE312200221037561773
Explanation: Donation and Estonian personal code*

From abroad:

You can donate on our bank account through your bank or TransferWise system

Beneficiary – Eesti Juudi Muuseum
Beneficiary account IBAN EE312200221037561773
Beneficiary bank: SWEDBANK AS
Address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia

Explanation: Donation and Estonian personal code*

*If you have obligation to submit declaration of incomes to Estonian Tax and Customs Board, please add your Estonian personal code in order to receive deduction from income taxes after submitted declaration of incomes. If you donate using your bank card, please click beforehand "I'd like to have a tax return". Name of donator should be similar to the owner of Estonian personal code.


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