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Collection of donations for the memorial stand of Mark Rõbak, the founder of the Estonian Jewish Museum

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14th of June is the Day of Mourning in Estonia. We commemorate the 1st mass deportation to Siberia by Soviet occupants. 10% of Jewish population were arrested and deported in livestock wagon cars.

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The procedure for visiting the museum has changed. Please check before the visit!

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There is a sign to the Estonian Jewish Museum on Karu Street

We stand with Ukraine!

Estonia unveils memorial for Holocaust victims in Tallinn.

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Visit Estonian Jewish Museum on 3D videotour.

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This year tourists from 21 country visited Estonian Jewish Museum.

Regardless pandemic restrictions visitors from Israel and European countries as well as from the USA, Japan and Argentina found the way to our museum.

The museum is dedicated to the history of Estonian Jews, from the establishment of Jewish communities in the first half of the 19th century to the present day.

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