Collection of donations for the memorial stand of Mark Rõbak, the founder of the Estonian Jewish Museum.

Last update on 11.07.2023

The Estonian Jewish Museum collection was founded by Mark Rõbak, the keeper of the history of Estonian Jewry. With the support of the Estonian Jewish Community, his dream of a museum of Estonian Jewry came true. In 2008, the Estonian Jewish Museum was opened in the building of the community center. After the passing of Mark Rõbak, a commemorative plaque in memory of the founder of the museum has been installed next to the entrance of the museum.

This year marks 15 years since the opening of the Estonian Jewish Museum. By that time, we would like to open a stand dedicated to Mark Rõbak. The stand represents a self-locking and illuminated glass display stand where we put personal belongings, documents and photos related to M. Rõbak. The stand will be installed in the Memorial Gallery of the Estonian Jewish Museum and will become part of the museum's permanent exhibition. Making a proper glass display stand costs almost 900 euros.

Every year on Mark Rõbak's birthday and death day, his friends and admirers write to us that the museum could contribute more to perpetuating his memory. In order to reach from words to actions, we start the collection of donations. We hope that everyone who cares about the memory of Mark Rõbak will take part in this collection. Instructions can be found on the museum's website Add the explanation "In memory of M. Rõbak" or inform the museum about your donation by e-mail or phone +372 56262251.

Please note that if you are required to submit an income declaration to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board, you must add your Estonian personal identification number The name of the payer must match the name of the person with the personal identification number on the ID document issued by Estonian authorities. In this case, you will get an income tax benefit after filing your income tax return.

Thanks for your support!

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